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About Us

What we do and how we do it.

We help businesses verify the age of customers when age compliance is critical! With direct DMV/MVA integration and verifications we are THE ONLY SERVICE with 100% accuracy!

Liquor Stores Restaurants
Bars Night Clubs
Tobacco/Vape Dispensaries
Casinos Concerts
Special Events Gun Sales

How it works...

Proprietary Scanning Process

Our Proprietary Scanning Process is the first step in identifying fake IDs. The PDF417 Bar Code on the back of the drivers license (DL) is captured and the 115+ data fields are extracted. Then using our extensive proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) we analyze the data fields and values and display a scoring variable based off a constantly growing data set that gets "smarter" and more accurate with each scan. This score will assist you in making an acceptance decision.

On-Demand DMV/MVA Verification

Stepping up to the next level, our On-Demand Verifications are available in all paid plans and à la carte in the FREE plan. At this level we reach out to multiple independent sources to determine if the name and date of birth on the driver license can be matched to even a single record in more than 200 databases including: national credit bureaus, federal and state government agencies, motor vehicle administrations, cell phone providers, colleges, universities, banks, utility companies, insurance companies and many, many, many more.

The premise being: if the Name and DOB are true and correct, then it is HIGHLY likely there will be at least one record somewhere with a matching Name and DOB. Conversely, if the Name and DOB do not exisit in any of our over 200 databases then it is HIGHLY likely it is FALSE.

While results may not definitively determine the authenticity of a drivers license (someone may have lived "off-grid" for 21 years :) the results help you make an acceptance decision using your own best judgement.

All verification results are saved so you do not have to pay twice for scanning the same license again.

Verification & Validation Codes:

(V) Verified The birthdate matched at least one outside source.
(N) No Hit No outside records could be found and matched.
(F) Failed An outside source returned a different birthdate.

Ultraviolet Security Features

When a Drivers License is scanned the respective states Ultraviolet Security Features will be displayed for physical examination.

Security Certifications

86FAKES and/or our partners and service providers are certified and audited by third-party independent auditors, our compliance fulfills HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, GDPR, or SOC requirements. We operate in Type 2 SOC 2 3 & Type 1 HIPAA AT-C 105 & 205 audited and certified data centers. We continuously maintain PCI DSS Level 1 certification and are audited annually by independent security assessors to ensure we are adhering to the industry's highest level of certification and PCI standards.

Currently certifications include:

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